Friday, July 18, 2014

Love Letters from Jesus

Billowy clouds.  Deep dark blue skies. Sun rays shining through pine needles.  Colorful birds singing.  Breezes blowing.  Big white fluffy snow flakes falling.  Snowed in, all warm and snug.  The crisp scent of winter - it's cold air filling my lungs.

Green leaves budding.  New flowers popping up.  Colors everywhere. Yellow, Pink, White, Red, Purple, Blue.  New life.  Renewed hope.  Rain falling, quenching thirst.  The earth revived - refreshed.  The beauty of spring brings rest and retreat.  Squirrels playing hide and seek. Cotton-tailed bunnies hopping about.  That nostalgic smell of honeysuckle that transports me to another place and time.

The warmth of the sun.  The greenness of the grass - that invigorating aroma when it's fresh cut.  The sky so clear and bright.  Crepe Myrtles in every shade of pink and purple and red.  Lazy kitties stretched out on front porches.  Warm summer breezes warming my heart and soul.

Trees transforming before my eyes - orange, yellow and red.  Bird's nests balancing up high in their branches.  The smell of firewood burning, smoke floating up from chimneys.  Wind chimes chiming, crickets chirping. Shapes in the clouds:  a fish, a boat, a ship.  The sensational swirling of a flock of birds - a free airshow extravaganza overhead.  A cozy cappuccino in the middle of fall.  Words of encouragement from a far-away friend.

He is there, in every detail...secretly slipping me his love letters...smothering me in love, while the world goes on, oblivious around me.