Saturday, March 7, 2015

Come, Holy Spirit

I want You, Holy Spirit.  The You that makes me feel touched and tender.  The You that makes me feel listened to and understood.  The You that makes me feel strong and brave in the face of adversity.  The You that takes my worries away and makes my heart feel peace.  Yes, I want more of You, Holy Spirit!  The You that makes me FEEL.

But, Holy Spirit, what I am afraid of is the You that calls me to do. The You that asks me to die to myself and leave my comfort zone.  The You that requires self-sacrifice and self-discipline.  The You that pushes me to humble myself to a level I thought neither possible nor necessary.  The You that stretches me to the point that it hurts.  The You that wants me to reach-out and speak-out; to scoop up and love; to bow down and serve; to give and give and give.  Yes, it's true. I'm afraid I could never live up to the You that calls me to DO.

But, oh, how I do want to be useful to You.  The You that transforms, renews, and breathes new life! The You that restores and redeems and refreshes.  The You that opens blind eyes, heals hurt hearts and changes stubborn minds.  Yes, I want to be used by You!  The You that makes everything NEW.

I desperately need You, Holy Spirit.  The You that gives me guidance and wisdom to choose the right path.  The You that gives discernment to see beyond the obvious of what is being done and said.  The You that gives conviction of sin along with the desire and foresight to steer clear.  The You that patiently gives reminders of the things you have already taught me and showed me and brought me through.  The You that gives comfort to my heart and freedom to my soul.  Yes, I surely do need You. The You that gives and gives and GIVES.